The Attendance, Award and Graduation process have been improved to provide additional information on the state of the Program:

  • Awards
    • Award icon will not appear under the session the award was won in.
    • Award Notification email to Sales Reps: Now includes Session number
    • Absent Notification email to Sales Reps: Now includes link to client’s profile.
    • Award Template: Now includes the date the award was won (session date)

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.08.00 AM

  • Short-Term Makeups
    • Now add an Award for a Short-Term Makeup
    • Hover over the Makeup ‘M’ icon in the Participant’s original program to see the program where they made up that session.
  • Graduate Program!
    • See the Participant, Program Balance and Graduation rate at the end of the class
    • Quickly access a Participant’s registration to make payment adjustments
    • Send an email notification to the Sales Representative to let them know of their client’s Graduation status.

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