Release Notes – RAF – MYcarnegieOS – Version 15.06.02

New Feature

  • Admin Panel: Site Culture Configuration
  • Participant Dashboard Permissions: New Permission to view/post to all Participant Dashboards


  • HR: Awards & Certification Enhancements, including Date received/Expiry
  • Address Book: Export Enhancements, including the ability to export Tagged lists
  • Address Book – New Lists: ‘Guest Program History’ filter allows the same custom value format as ‘Program Code’
  • Graduate Report: Add Exit date column
  • Outstanding and Enrolment reports: Add Invoice number column


  • HR: Awards Enhancements: A dropdown list of existing Awards are not listed in alphabetical order
  • Graduate report: there is an overlap in Start date and Sales Rep name
  • Graduate report: Participant listed twice when multiple related orgs
  • Class Email: bcc/cc recipients should be logged in the communication log
  • FreshBooks Payment date: appears in OS with 2 different dates for some payments
  • Diploma Name export: Coaches ‘Sales Rep’ value is not correct
  • Financial Dashboard Permissions: User can still see Financial dashboard when permission not assigned
  • Guest tab: Guest tab does not always load guest list