Release Notes – RAF MYcarnegieOS – Version 15.38.01


  • Program Dashboard Enhancements
    • My Programs: Display YEAR for date
    • Upcoming Programs: Display KO Date, where class countdown is based on KO date (if it exists
    • Enrolments by Sales Rep: Addition filter capability, including a filter by Product, Date Period and Sales Representative
  • Video Player Upgrades to be iOS compatible (with latest OS)
  • Sales Process Admin: Added a Stage ‘State’ (Open, Won, Lost)

Bugs Fixes

  • Program Dashboard – Enrolments by Sales Rep: some sales reps are listed twice
  • Address Book Lists: When updating multiple Contact sales process, dialog does not close on ‘save’
  • Online Registration import: Details are not being recorded in NOTE
  • Programs: Sometime Coaching Assistant appears twice in program