Manage your appointments with clients and other calendar events from your OS.

The calendars in OS are synced with your Google Calendars, so any events created here will appear in your Google Calendar. If you have setup Google Apps calendar on your mobile device, then they will also be synced with your mobile device’s calendar.

Create an Appointment/Event

To view your schedule, go to your Calendar Calendar AppointmentsEvents1

1. Create a New event by Clicking Create Event, or double-clicking on the time you wish to schedule the event in your calendar
2. Enter the Subject of the Event, Location and Details.
3. Select the calendar you wish to schedule the event in. By default, your Personal calendar will be selected
4. If this is an appointment, you can relate the event to Contact. Start by entering their name in the Related Contact field and select the Contact from the list of results.
5. Save the event

You are also able to create an Appointment/event from the following areas