Virtual University & HR

Create a Course

Create an internal training Course from your Learning Center dashboard!  Using My Course Manager widget you can create, grade and manage internal courses you are instructing. Create a new Course Go to the Learning Center dashboard From the My Course Manager widget, click Create Course Enter the course details, including the Course title, description, location (virtual or physical).  Set a […]

Manage Staff Skills & Qualifications

Manage your Team’s Skills and Qualifications.   The administrator can add and manage the certification and recertification for each team member, from the Admin Panel.   By defining the collection of skills and qualifications, administrators can assign them to team members according to their certifications.  Administrators can trigger recertification reminders to the responsible parties, and extract / filter this data in Trainer […]

Help Center Articles

The Help Center widget on the Learning Center dashboard allows quick access to the company’s latest help documents, articles or videos.   Upload Help Articles You must have full access to the ResourceLibrary > Learning Center > Help Center folder in order to manage files in the help center. Go to the Resource Library Expand the Learning Center library and […]

HR Corporate Documents, Benifits, Health & Safety

On the HR Dashboard, there are 3 widgets dedicated to company-wide HR documents: Corporate Documents Our Benefits Health and Safety These widgets provide team members with quick access to company-wide documents and forms, and can be renamed to reflect the company’s need for HR categories.   Upload HR Documents You must have full access to the ResourceLibrary > Main Library folder in order […]

HR Performance Results

The Performance Results widget found on the HR dashboard provides the individual user with direct access to download their latest performance results (managed by Admin). Manage Team Performance Results files From the Admin Panel, setup your possible awards or certifications.  You must have full access to the Admin Panel > Human Resource module in order to manage Performance Results […]

Manage Staff Awards & Certifications

Manage your Team’s Awards and Certifications.  Each team member can access their recorded certifications from the HR Dashboard. Setup your Awards & Certifications From the Admin Panel, setup your possible awards or certifications. Go to Admin Panel Select Human Resources > Awards Admin Click Add Award. Provide a Name and Description for the Award or Certification.  Save the Award. You can […]