Participant Registrations

Organization Prepayments

Manage Organization Prepayments with ease, using the Prepayments module.  At a glance, see the available prepayments for an organization, directly from a client file.   Note: In order to start managing Organization Prepayments, your administrator must turn on the Prepayments feature from the Admin Panel.   Add an Organization Prepayment 1. Go to Programs > Prepayments 2. Click New Prepayment   3.  Begin to […]

Group Payments

Post multiple payments or Group Payments for all Program registrations and incoming Alternate revenue, from the Outstanding Balance report  Post a Group Payment 1. Go to Outstanding Balance Report (from Program Dashboard > Outstanding) 2. Filter your report, by Invoice Date, Invoice Number or Program to get a list of registrations to be paid. 3. Check off the registrations to be paid and click […]

Import Your Web Leads

You can directly import your Web Leads using the standard Contact Importer.  You will be able to import the following Lead information: First Name, Last Name, Title Organization, Industry Phone Number, Email Address, Work Address Lead Source, Campaign To ensure a successful import of the fields mentioned above, please to the following: Before You Import […]

Short Term Makeups

A Short Term Makeup is an individuals who is attending a session in one program, only to makeup for a session they made missed (or will miss) as part of their original registered program. In this case, it’s not necessary to report on these individuals as participants, but their attendance should be recorded so that […]

Payments and Refunds

Manage Payments and Refunds for all Program registrations and incoming Alternate revenue. Payments and Refund can typically be found under the Payment Details tab of an individual Participant Registration (individual enrollment), Organization Program (company enrollment with in-house pricing) or an Alternate Revenue source. If you have multiple payments to post, try posting Group Payments. Post […]

Participant Registrations (Enrollments)

A Participant Registration is an individuals’ enrollment in a Program. Contact Profile The Contact Profile Registration Tab is where you access a list of all Participant Registrations for an individual. New Registration To create a new individual Registration, select on the Program Registration tab in the Contact’s profile. The Registration Summary tab consists of 3 […]

Cancel or Drop Participant

Cancel or Drop a Participant from a class when you would like to remove them as a participant from that Program, but keep a history of that record. Cancel Registration When do I Cancel a Registration? Cancelling a registration can be done before or early on in a class, usually before session 2 of a […]

Transfer Participant

Transferring a Participant from one class to another will allow you to move all the Participant’s Payments, Attendance and Awards over to a new Program, while maintaining record of the Original Registration. Transfer Registration To Transfer a Participant’s Registration, Edit the original Registration the participant would like to transfer out of: Under the Registration Summary, […]

Import Participants

Importing Participants is a quick and easy way to create new Contacts and Program Registrations, using only one import file. Before importing Participant Registrations, the following elements must exist in OS: Your Products and Programs Your Program Locations The Programs, for which you are importing participants.   CB Import  The CB import is a quick import progress that allows you to […]

Waitlist Participants

When a Program has reached it’s maximum capacity, you will be unable to register a participant directly. If you try to register a Participant for a class that is full, you may see the following message: “This class is full. Please contact admin to put the participant on a waitlist.” How do I know how […]