Attendance & Awards

Mobile App for Attendance & Awards

iOS Once you have been authorized to download the App, you will receive instructions on installing on your iOS device. When you open the App for the first time: You will be asked to enter an initial identification code: CompanyID. This will be provided to you when your device is authorized to download the App. […]

Program Guests

Guests are unpaid attendees invited by a participant or a sales representative to preview an early session or class graduation.   You can track and record guest Attendance from the Guest tab in a Program’s Profile.

Short Term Makeups

A Short Term Makeup is an individuals who is attending a session in one program, only to makeup for a session they made missed (or will miss) as part of their original registered program. In this case, it’s not necessary to report on these individuals as participants, but their attendance should be recorded so that […]

Participant Awards

Participant Awards can be recorded, along with attendance, and downloaded, printed or emailed directly to the Supervisor from OS! Assign an Award Awards are assigned from the Take Attendance dialog. This dialog can be accessed from several areas within the application: The Program list From the Attendance and Awards tab in the Program Portfolio From […]

Print Nametags

You can export your complete Participant list, including Coaching assistants, Guests short term Makeups in order to generate your Name Tags for a class. Export Names from OS 1. Go to Programs, and select the program you would like to work with 2. Click on the Attendance and Awards tab 3. Click Print Nametags 4. […]

Take Attendance

Take Attendance for a session during a class and eliminate double entry…all that’s required is an internet connection! Class Attendance List Access your attendance list from several places; choose the one that’s most convenient at the time: Option 1: Go to Programs and click Attendance Option 2: Click on the Program Profile, go to the […]

Class Graduation Roster

The Graduation Roster is your Class Roster once your class has been officially graduated. In addition to the standard Roster information, the Graduation Roster will have: Class Graduation Percentage Graduation status for each Participant To generate your Graduation Roster, open your graduated program and click Print Roster

Graduate a Class

When a class has completed their final session and Attendance has been confirmed, you are ready to officially graduate a class! Graduate a Class Open your Program to graduate, and go to the Attendance and Awards Tab 1. Review the class attendance to make sure it’s correct. Scroll down to below the Attendance table and […]