MY Dashboard

Custom My Dashboard Widgets (HTML)

The customization possibilities are endless with the HTML Widget: get your Top Story news, social media feed, stock portfolio and local weather report! Customize the 2 HTML widget available to you on your Front Page to pull in feed for your business. Below are just some examples of how to customize it to fit your […]

Customize My Dashboard

Give everyone in your company their own personal online space with My Dashboard: a the customizable dashboard where the information that is important to them is front and center. From essential tools such as contact lists, calendars and to do lists, to news and weather, your team will have everything they need at their fingertips. […]

Managing To Do’s (Tasks)

Keep track of important tasks and deadlines using your To Dos. Manage your own personal To Do list, or assign them directly to a colleague. Relate a To Do to a particular Contact to keep an accurate activity history with that Client. Your personal To Do list widget can be found on your My Dashboard. […]

Real-Time News Feeds (RSS)

Your Front Page and My Dashboard are equipped with customizable RSS widgets! The RSS widget displays posts from an RSS feed. These widgets are useful when you want to display real-time updates from your company blog or other news source. Keep your Front Page updated with current news you consider critical to your organization, to […]

My Day Calendar

Your Day Calendar widget integrates with your personal and shared Google Calendars, allowing you to get you’re full day’s agenda in one widget. Your primary calendar displayed by default. You can select to view more calendars by hover over the Calendar and checking off the one you would like to view. The arrows beside the […]