eWindow: Shared Dashboard for Organizations

Provide your clients a way to communicate amongst themselves! The Shared Dashboard for Organizations is essentially the Organization’s eWindow – made available to related Contacts to share good news, important documents, post announcements and more. Important Notes: In order to setup your Shared eWindow for an Organization The Organization must have a Primary email address The Organization must […]

Your Engagement eWindow

Welcome to Your eWindow! It’s time to engaged with your coaches and class members  –  outside of the classroom!    Share good news, personal breakthroughs, and even challenges experienced throughout the week.  We encourage you to connect with others as your training progresses (even AFTER graduation!) using this multimedia tool. You can access your eWindow from ANY device – […]

Setup eWindow Shortcut on Mobile Device

Here’s a quick guide to setting up shortcut access to your Engagement eWindow. Step 1. From within OS: In order to login directly to the eWindow, you will need your eWindow Credentials. Go to your Contact Profile in the Address Book and click ‘Send eWindow Credentials’ link. Send yourself the Email with your eWindow access, Username and Password. […]

The Participant Dashboard

The Participant Dashboard provides instructors and coaches with the opportunity to engage with their class members at a deeper level than ever before – inside and OUTSIDE of the classroom. Blended learning is a leading practice in Learning & Development- MYcarnegieOS’s Participant dashboard gives you a cutting edge entry point.  Your clients are busier than ever and have […]

Introduction: Creating Clients for LIFE using Engagement eWindows

Looking for a way to immediately create value for new clients?   Introducing the engagement eWindow! Blended learning is a leading practice in Learning & Development –MYcarnegieOS’s eWindow gives you a cutting edge entry point. Our clients are busier than ever, and have come to expect multiple points of contact from their providers to make it easy for them to […]

Admin: Configure Your eWindows

Customize the layout and naming conventions used on your client eWindows. Note: If you do not see a new browser window/tab appear with your eWindow layout, please ensure you have allowed for popups from your OS site: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari  

eWindow Communication

Communicate with your clients using their own personal eWindow: A portal available to you and them to exchange information, idea’s and good news! Message Center: Post a Message to multiple Clients in a List From My Dashboard, the Message to Client eWindow widget allows for you to post to a custom or predefined list of […]

eWindow Access

Engage with you clients using the OS Engagement eWindows. Send your client access to their own private eWindow, and monitor their activity from the Communication tab in their Profile. Send eWindow Credentials You can send eWindow credential on an individual basis or to a group of Contacts from your Address Book. To an Individual 1. […]

eWindow Email Notifications

Allow your clients to specify whether or not they would like to receive email notifications of new information posted to their eWindow. The first time a client logs into their eWindow, they will be asked to set their Email Notification preference. By default, the individual will not receive any email notifications unless they have explicitly […]

Share Program-Related Files

Upload/Share New Files with your Class When a Program is created, a Resource Library folder is setup automatically within the Program Resource Library for that new Program. Open your Program and click on the Resource Library button from the left-hand menu of options.  This will take you to your Program’s Resource Library folder: Click Upload New File. A dialog […]