There are some participants who need to be nurtured differently-and mass emails are just not doing it. Sharing large, multiple files across email is also becoming difficult due to bandwidth restrictions. And who among us hasn’t said…”now WHERE did I store that email?”.

The eWindow is the perfect solution for that client needing just a little bit more personalization, before, during or after their public programs, or separately as a coaching client.

Identify Coaching Opportunities and Content

After identifying candidates for this interaction, decide together what content will be most helpful. You may wish to line up content ahead of time, store it up, and release it gradually. D o they want feed back on presentations?  Perhaps they could upload video of themselves (within the realm of confidentiality, if this is a presentation made at their company).  Do they want a suggested auxiliary reading list, or resources on how to use power point more effectively?

Establish Expectations

Decide on the frequency of interaction to be expected on both sides. Coaching is a two way street. Even if your contract with them is not a formal one, align your expectations as to type of support you are committing to provide, duration of engagement, and results expected from both sides.

Then, Take Off!

Begin: If you have multiple clients needing the same information, you can batch-send to those client’s eWindow ; or, stay with personal attention through an individual eWindow.


Just one more way of developing a fine reputation for expertise outside of the training room!