You can create your own collection of custom Contact lists using the User Defined Lists in the Address Book.

Creating a custom list of Contacts

  1. Go to the Address Book and click Create List

Custom Client Lists1

  1. Name your List and Add as many Rules as you wish to apply to a unique client list, such as….
  • Contacts in a specific city or state
  • Prospects within a specific Opportunity Value range
  • Targeted Contacts for a specific campaign
  • Contacts with a specific keyword in one of their Notes

Create a List using any one of the available fields in the Contact Profile.

Custom Client Lists2

NEW Global Lists

Administrators can create a custom List that is shared with the entire team, by setting visibility to Everyone:


  1. Save your new List.

All your custom lists are saved to your List drop down menu, under User defined.

Just Me: These are your personal lists, visible only to you

Everyone: These are global lists, visible to the entire team

Custom Client Lists3