How to connect your clients to their own personal coaching portal!

It’s recommended that the first contact and Engagement eWindow setup be done by Sales Representative or Account Manager responsible for building the client relationship.


1.   Preview & Post a Welcome message to their eWindow

Every Contact profile contains a link to that contact’s personal Engagement eWindow.
Navigate to their profile, and click on Preview Client E-Window.

You’ll notice the default window includes: “Good News Just for YOU”, and a number of other widgets that you can customize.

Click on Add Post in the Good News widget, and post a welcome note or video!


2.   Share Documents

Within the Contact profile, there is also a direct link to their Client Resource Library; when that window opens, click on ‘Upload a file’ or drag-and-drop the files you wish to share with that client.

To make the file visible to your client, select Set Security Permissions and ensure that you have chosen YES so that This file is visible to the client through their eWindow.


3.   Send the Client their Login Details

Once you are satisfied with the look of their Engagement eWindow, return to their contact page and click Send Credentials.  A dialog box will pop up with an email prepared for your Client with their login credentials; Customize the message as if you wish. Consider putting your company name in the subject so your email message is easily found in a search of their mailbox. You can also customize the salutation or any other inclusions.

NOTE: You can also send out login credentials to a group of participants at once,
Then…watch the relationship grow!


Step 2: Introducing Your Participants to the Participant Dashboard