Feature List

Address Book

  • Contact management
  • Contact search and custom views
  • Contact import/export wizard
  • Communication tracking
  • Sales Process tracking
  • Email notes and documents to contact file


  • Personal and shared calendar management
  • Day, week, month and agenda view
  • Event notifications
  • GSuite or Office 365 calendar integration

Resource Library

  • File and folder management
  • File sharing and permission management
  • Internal team and client file sharing
  • Download statistics


  • Basic campaign and target list management
  • Custom campaign types
  • Dashboard for campaign and budget statistics
  • Lead generation tracking
  • Third party marketing tool integration*

Sales & CRM

  • Custom Sales Process
  • Multiple Sales Process management
  • Dashboard for sales and CRM analytics and reporting
  • Third party order and invoice integration*

Productivity & My Dashboard

  • To-Do and activity management and tracking
  • Custom client lists and tags
  • Group activity logging
  • Email signature and personal templates
  • GSuite or Office 365 account and email integration

Team Communication

  • Company front page with mission, vision and value statement
  • Good News forum(s) with team notification system
  • Custom RSS feed display for top client news, industry news, etc.
  • Further Dashboard customizations (social media feed, videos, etc.)

Client Engagement eWindow

  • Two-way multimedia communication
  • File sharing
  • Client profile photo and email notification management
  • Access logs

Meetings/Video Conference

  • Meeting archive management
  • Company calendar events view
  • Zoom.us integration for video conference capability**

Learning Center/HR

  • Basic internal course management
  • Course registration and grading
  • Skills and awards/certification tracking
  • Team directory
  • Help centre and company resources


  • Program management (public and in-house)
  • Program search and custom views
  • Program scheduling, integrated with company calendar
  • Participant rosters and waitlist
  • Custom product and programs
  • Custom program locations
  • Program reminders
  • Class email list


  • Participant registration history
  • Contract/enrolment form printing
  • Registration confirmation email template
  • Supervisor association
  • Registration history report

Guests and Makeups

  • Guest registration history
  • Short-term make-up registration
  • Guest-to-contact conversion
  • Guest and make-up session attendance
  • Registration confirmation email template

Attendance & Awards

  • Participant, guest, make-up, coaching assistant and trainer attendance
  • Award assignment by session
  • Class graduation
  • Award recognition printing
  • Name tag and diploma name export
  • iOS attendance app***

Alternate Revenue

  • Alternate revenue management
  • Custom revenue items (E.g. workshops, etc.)
  • License fee reporting option

Program Analytics

  • Enrolments & sales by representative or product
  • Upcoming program status
  • Program schedule
  • VOC and NPS scores
  • and more!


  • Registration & remittance reports
  • Collections and cash control sheets
  • Outstanding balance reports
  • Class folders and graduation rosters
  • Coach recognition and instructor certification reports
  • and more!

*Add-on feature

**Pro Zoom.us account required

***iOS app for trainer use only