The Communication Tab in the Contact Profile allows you to track the events and activities related to a Client.

Track Client Communication

The Communication Log allows you to track your communication with a client, from emails to appointments. The following elements are can be logged and reported on from the Communication Log:

Communication Log1

Track Action Items

All tasks (To Dos) related to a Contact will also be listed in that Contact’s Communication log, along with past communication. You can create, assign, update or complete a To Do directly from the Communication Log.

See more on Managing To Dos

Please note:

  • Incoming Emails will not be tracked.
  • Outgoing Emails will only be tracked if they are sent from within MYcarnegieOS
  • Outgoing Emails will also be accessible in your ‘Sent’ Mailbox
  • Standard users will be able to see their To Dos, or those that are assigned to them. Admin can view all.