Export your Participant Registration List, in a few easy steps!


Export Enrolments from OS

  1. Go to Program Dashboard-> Reports-> Enrollments
  2. Select the Date Range of enrollments you would like to export. If you would like to run report for All Programs, the maximum date range to select is 1 month.
  3. Click Run Report
  4. Click Export to export the enrollments to an Excel file. Save the file to your computer.

Import Particiants to CB 1



What to do with your Export?

Import into CB
Now you can prepare your CB Import template file, in order to import your new enrollments!

1. Download and open the CB Import Template, as well as the OS Enrollment export you have just downloaded.

2. In your OS Enrollment report file, copy the required column information and paste them into the corresponding columns in your CB Import Template:

Note: Do not copy the first value in the column (column name). CB requires you to use the column name in their template for import process.

**Required fields are in red

  • Participant
    • LastName
    • FirstName
    • Salutation
  • Organization (optional): If there is a related Organization, the following fields are required
    • OrgAddress1
    • OrgCity
    • OrgState
  • Supervisor (optional): If there is a related Supervisor, the following fields are required
    • LastName
    • FirstName
    • Salutation
  • Registration: If you are performing a full import, with Registration information, the following are required
    • Registration Date
    • Program Code
      • *Program Code must exist in CB
    • Sales Rep Initials
      • * Sales Rep must exist in CB. Ensure the Initials are equal to OS Initials
    • Registration Fee
    • Registration Type
    • Registration Source

Save the CB Import Template file.

3. Open CB. Go to Utilities-> Import Functionality

4. Select Regular Import

5. Click Choose File and upload your recently updated CB Import Template with new participant values.

6. Follow the steps provided and click Check for Duplicates. At Step 6, click Import File.

7. Review log message for issues with your import.

Reference : MYcarnegieOS-CB Field Mapping for those who would like to import more than the required fields:

MYcarnegieOS Field CB Field
Salutation Salutation
First Name FirstName
Last Name LastName
Gender Gender
Work Phone OrgPhone
Mobile Phone MobilePhone
Home Phone HomePhone
Other Phone HomePhone
Fax Phone HomeFax
Work Email email
Personal Email HomeE-mail
Work Address Line 1 OrgAddress1
Work Address Line 2 OrgAddress2
Work City OrgCity
Work County
Work State/Province OrgState
Work Zip/Postal Code OrgZip
Work Country OrgCountry
Related Organization Business Name Organization
Related Organization Type OrgType
Related Organization Location OrgLocation
Related Organization Website OrgWeb
Related Organization Number of Employees This Location #EmpHere
Related Organization Number of Employees Overall #EmpOverall
Related Organization Fax OrgFax
Related Organization Work SuperGender
Supervisor Salutation SuperSal
Supervisor Gender SuperGender
Supervisor First Name SuperFirst
Supervisor First Name SuperLast
Supervisor Title SuperTitle
Supervisor Work Phone SuperPhone
Supervisor Work Fax SuperFax
Supervisor Work Address Line 1 SuperAdd1
Supervisor Work Address Line 2 SuperAdd2
Supervisor Work City SuperCity
Supervisor Work State/Province SuperState
Supervisor Work Zip/Postal Code SuperZip
Supervisor Work Email SuperE-mail
Program Registration Program Code Prorgram Code
Program Registration Date Registration Date
Program Registration Sales Representative Sales Rep.
Program Registration Type Registration Type
Program Registration Registration Fee Registration Fee
Program Registration Source Registration Source
Program Registration Paid By Organization OrgPercent