It’s time to put fuel in the tank!

No need to rebuild your entire contact list, just import it from your current application and format it to your address book in MYcarnegieOS.

Step 1: Export your Contacts from your current application

To begin, you will need a file with your contact list (XLS, CVS or vCard format). Select the tutorial for your current application below. If you are using a different application, please see this article:

Desktop Application

Web Application

Mobile Device

Step 2 : Format your File

You can choose to format your file with column headers already recognized by OS, or define the sales stage, list or category you want your Contact to appear in so that you can start using the business analytic tool immediately after importing.

Download the Contact Import Template.

Download the Participant Import Template

Important to Note:

  • The import has minimal require fields
    • 2 fields for Persons: First Name and Last Name
    • 1 field for Organizations: Business Name
  • For all Imports, there must be a header in all fields

To see lists, categories and headers are already recognized by the application, see this article.

Step 3: Import your Contacts into the OS Address Book

  1. Open your Address Book by clicking on the “Contact Portfolio” icon Add a new Contact1 at the top left of your company’s MYcarnegieOS site.
  2. On the right, top corner of your Address Book, hove over the Options and click “Import Contacts”.

STEP 1: Select the type of export file that you saved: Excel, CSV or vCard.

STEP 2: Define your Import options

  • Under “Duplicate Contacts” select how you would like to handle any duplicates found while importing. If you are unsure, choose “Allow duplicates to be created, review them later” so that no information will be lost.
    • Do Not Import Duplicates
      • Contacts with the same First Name, Last Name and Work (primary) email address will not be imported
      • Organizations with the same Business Name will not be imported
    • Replace Duplicates with imported
      • Upon import, if the system detects a duplicate (matching the criteria mentioned above), it will replace the existing contact’s information with the information provided in the import file.
        • Resource Library files will not be affected
        • Communication logs will not be affected
        • Registrations will not be affected unless imported
      • Contact fields that are not defined in the import file will not be overwritten
      • Related Organizations and Account Manager relationships MUST be defined in the import, or will be imported as ’empty’
    • Allow Duplicates, review them later
      • All contacts will be imported, regardless of duplicates.
  • Optional: Under “Primary Account Manager” click the drop down arrow to bring up the list of Account Managers in the application. Select yourself if these are your clients. You can also choose to skip this step and assign them later, after the import
  • Optional: If you would like to place all the imported contacts at the same point in your Sales Process, select one of the Stages here. You can also choose to skip this step and assign them later, after the import.

STEP 3: Upload your Import File. Click “Select File” and choose your exported contacts file.
STEP 4: Match the “Import” fields to the MYcarnegieOS fields.

  • Those fields that are blank will not be imported.
  • Drag the slider on the right side of the window to move down the list of fields that you need to match. When you are happy with the mapping, Click Next.

STEP 5: Verify Field Mapping

  • Verify the field mapping by reviewing a sample of an import Contact provided. You will receive a message listing the fields that we not mapped, and that will be ignored in the import. Once all matches are satisfactory, click Next

STEP 6: Validate Contact list. Click Import when processing complete.

  • If you receive errors in the validation process, please review your import file to ensure required fields are met, and email addresses are formatted properly.

STEP 7: Import Contact. Once the import is complete, you can refresh your page to view your newly added Contacts!