Create a number of custom fields to manage the client information that is important to your business. Your company-specific user-defined fields can be found under the Profile Details tab in any Contact profile in your Address Book.

Manage User Defined Fields1

Manage User Defined Fields

  1. To access to the User Defined Fields Manager, go to the Admin Panel->Field Manager

Here, you may see a set of default fields, loaded as suggestions in order to help in building client relationships. These suggested fields can be altered or removed to altogether to fit your business.

Manage User Defined Fields2

Create a Tab/New Field

  1. To create a new Fields, hover over the ‘Create New…’ icon and select a type you would like to add:

Field: A field will hold a value that you enter, select or define. An example of a field would be a Text Box, Date Picker or a Dropdown list of options. Data types include:

Manage User Defined Fields3

Table: A table could be used to store one or more entries that may have several fields. For example, defining a list of a client’s children or family members. You may want to devote a field to their Name, Age, and Birthday, as part of that table.

Category: A header that allows you to group your fields/tables on a single Tab.

Tab: The highest form of grouping. Your Profile Details tab could contain multiple sub-tabs to categorize your fields. You may not need to add additional tabs unless you manage several custom fields.

Manage User Defined Fields4

  1. For this example, we will create a new Field

Manage User Defined Fields5

  1. Define the Data Type and Field Type you would like to use. Define the format, and default field value, if applicable.
  1. Define the Field Settings:

Required: Will the user be required to complete this field before saving a Contact profile.
Internal Use: Visible only to the System Admin
Visible To: This field will only be visible to these users
Edited By: This field will only be able to be edited by these users

Manage User Defined Fields6

  1. When complete, click Save at the top of the page. The field will be created under the Profile Detail tab for all Contacts in the Address Book.