Program Reminders are automated notifications you can set according to a given course’s schedule. Reminders will affect all current and future occurrences of that course, and can be enabled or disabled from the program’s Activity tab. Reminders are sent in the form of a To Do.

To set a Program Reminder

  • From your MYCarnegieOS Dashboard, select Admin Panel in the top right corner
  • In the Admin Sections menu on the left of your screen, select Program Activity (under Products and Programs). The Program Reminder menu will appear.
  • Choose the Product Group and Product you would like to set a reminder for. Any existing reminders for that product will appear in the panel below.
  • Click Add Reminder and select the desired options from the drop-down menus.
  • When the To Do is triggered by the reminder, the text in brackets will auto-populate with the options you have selected. For example, [DueSession] will be replaced with the session number you have set as a due date. You may also customize the text before setting the reminder.
  • When you have finished, click Save. The reminder will now appear in the Activity tab for the selected Program group.

To Edit a Reminder

  • Go to Admin Panel > Program Activity.
  • Select the Product Group and Product the reminder is for.
  • Click Edit and make the desired changes. When finished, click Save.
    • Note: Changes will affect any new and existing programs.

Enabling/Disabling Reminders

  • On the Program’s page, click the Activity tab.
  • All reminders for that program will appear in the panel below. Select the reminder you would like to enable/disable by checking the box on the far left.
  • Click Edit, then enable or disable the reminder. Click Save.
  • Note: Reminders apply to all present and future occurrences of the program, but are disabled by default. To enable a reminder, go to the program’s Activity tab.