What is required for LF Reports?

The information that is typically required for LF reports:

  1. Basic Program Details
  2. Participant Registrations (for public classes, the participant enrolments make up the balance owing)
  3. Payments/Collections
  4. Other Alternate Revenue

Using OS

You can run your LF Reports in OS, from the Financial Dashboard

Using CB

You can choose to continue using CB for running your LF reports, and use the OS for CRM and Program Management.

What information can you import into CB?
As long as all the enrolment information was provided in OS, you will importing the Participant Registration lists for your Programs.
How to import Participant lists

What can’t be imported?
Please note that CB does not have an import process for:

  1. Programs:  Before import importing your participant lists, you should make sure the Program is created in CB
  2. Payments (or collected): Unfortunately, there is no import process for payments or total Collected, which mean the payments should be entered into CB.



The reports that will help you get a summary of what payment that have been entered into OS to date:
Financial Dashboard > Collection > Collections (by Rep) OR Cash Control sheet (by Payment Type)