Transferring a Participant from one class to another will allow you to move all the Participant’s Payments, Attendance and Awards over to a new Program, while maintaining record of the Original Registration.

Transfer Registration
To Transfer a Participant’s Registration, Edit the original Registration the participant would like to transfer out of:

  1. Under the Registration Summary, update the Exit type to Transfer
    • The Exit Date will be populated with today’s date
  2. The Participant Transfer dialog will appear. Select the New Registration (the Program the Participant is transferring to)
  3. Choose to transfer any of the original registration information, including:
    • Fees and Invoice Details
      • The Fees and Invoice details will be copied over to the new Registration.
      • If there are payments on the original registration, they will be refunded and the balance will be credited off.
      • If there are no payments, the balance will be credited off.
    • Attendance and Awards
      • The Attendance and Awards will be copied over to the new Program.
  4. Save the Registration.

You will notice the new Registration appear just above the Original Registration, in the Participant’s Registration history.

The Participant will be removed from the Original Program’s Attendance list and Roster.