Drag-and-drop your files into the appropriate Resource library panel, or upload manually using the Upload New File button.

Drag and Drop

  1. Simply select one or multiple files from your Desktop or finder, and drag them into the folder you’ve selected in OS (into the tree view or detail view).

Drag and Drop 1

2. A panel will appear at the bottom of your screen to display the progress of the upload:

Drag and Drop 4

3. When the upload is complete, the panel will turn green. Click View Details to see the details or take further action on your uploaded file(s):

Drag and Drop 3


Upload a File Manually

Upload one or multiple files at a time by clicking Upload New File

  1. Click Upload New File
  2. Select the file(s) from your Desktop. Let the files finish uploading.
  3. Select the folder it will be uploaded to in the Resource Library
  4. Verify the file’s Security Permissions
  5. Click Upload

Manage Files Folders2