Customize the types of Campaigns managed within the OS. There is a default set of 9 Campaign types to get your started:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • MMS
  • Presentation
  • Radio
  • SMS
  • Trade Show
  • TV
  • Website banner

Add a New Campaign Type

  1. From your Admin Panel, select Campaign Type under Sales & CRM.
  2. Click Add Campaign Type, and you will see a new row appear in the table

Campaign Types1

  1. Enter the name of your Campaign Type. Select the base Type. For example, it’s an email-based campaign, you may select Email. However, if it does not require an email field, select Basic.

Campaign Types2

  1. Click Save

Your new Campaign Type will now be available in the Campaign type dropdown list when creating a new campaign.

You will be unable to delete a Campaign Type that is being used in an existing campaign.