Dale Carnegie said “only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident”. Preparation will help you to ‘hit the ground running’ with your Participant eWindow.  Here are some sure-fire ways to do that:


Have your Team setup their Profiles

Make sure your team has photos uploaded to their profiles, which allows any programs they teach to put a face to their name, as that photo will accompany any posts they make.


Standardize Your Messages

Decide what standardized content will be used for each program.

The Course Forum is your conversation stream. Will you include session summaries and assignments?

Will you share course-related files with the Your Course Files widget?  The Program Resource Library is the place to upload those inclusions. Using electronic documents for midpoint reports, for example, can reduce your paperwork and make it easier for absentees to keep up.  Want to upload a sample “end of course letter”?  Innovation Project? PRD?  You decide what resources you want to park there for download.


Run a Test Program

Create a test program and enrol your Carnegie team. Ensure that everyone is comfortable in uploading, commenting, responding, sharing, and able to explain and access each feature in the Participant eWindow. Consider this your…”practice with partners”.


Step 4: Coaching Opportunities with eWindow