Importing Participants is a quick and easy way to create new Contacts and Program Registrations, using only one import file.

Before importing Participant Registrations, the following elements must exist in OS:

  1. Your Products and Programs
  2. Your Program Locations
  3. The Programs, for which you are importing participants.


CB Import 
The CB import is a quick import progress that allows you to import limited participant information and registration details from CB.  The CB import process automatically maps CB fields to the appropriate fields in OS.

1. Go to the Address Book and click Option -> Import Contacts
2. See the article Import Clients from CB for file format details

Full Import
The full Import will allow you to import additional fields related to the Participant, such as Lead Source, Campaign, and Invoice details.

1. Format your excel file using this Full Import Template provided
2. Go to the Address Book and click Option -> Import Contacts
3. See the article Import Contacts and continue, starting from Step 3


Important Note

To import Registrations only: If your Participant already exists in OS Address Book, select Do Not Import Duplicates option in Step 2 of the import process. This will only create the Program Registration IF the Contact is found in your Address Book.

If the contact is not found, it will create a new Contact and generate the Program Registration for that new Contact.

As stated in the Import Contacts article, duplicate Contacts are determined by having the same:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Work Email