In order to setup your Programs, you will need to define your company Products andProduct Groups.

Manage Products
Products can be managed at the Admin Panel, by clicking on Products.

You will notice your Products will be categorized by Product Group
Example of Product Group: DCC, Leadership, Presentations, etc.

Expanding a Product Group will give you the list of Products of that group.

Add a New Product

  1. Expand the Product Group and click ‘Add Product
  2. Enter the Product Name
  3. Select or define the Product Subgroup(the short form of the product name. E.g. DCIS)
  4. Select the Product Type(Tailored, 12 Session, 8 Session, etc.)
  5. Define the other Product Details. Please Note:
    • The Min/Max Sessions are important for determining the graduation potential of a participant
    • The Min/Max Registrations are important for determining the capacity of a class
    • The Registration Fee is important as it defines the default fee for all registrations
    • The CEUs are important as they are exported along with the Graduation Diploma names
  6. Click Save

You will then be able to create a Program for the Product created.