Blended learning is a leading practice in Learning & Development- MYcarnegieOS’s Participant dashboard gives you a cutting edge entry point.  Your clients are busier than ever and have come to expect multiple points of contact from their providers to make it easy for them to access information, such as assignments and collaborative session feedback.

Simply decide on your content; populate your Participant Dashboard; provide direction via screen shots showing participants and wanna-be’s what they’re in for!  It just may be the selling point you need for your corporate clients, too.

Here’s how to get your class started on the Participant Dashboard:


1.  When to provide Participants with Access?

Decide how far ahead of the program start that you want your participants to have access. Include notice of the Participant eWindow in your program confirmation email so they’ll be expecting it when you send credentials for entry. If you are a franchisee, coach your trainers on inclusions ahead of time. You may wish to develop standardized content, or guidelines for video upload. For short programs especially, this accelerates the rapport process so participants feel part of the program, earlier. Immersion of program participants can provide introductions in the class forum, answer questions, and engage more quickly.


2.   Setup Your Program’s Participant Dashboard

Start populating your Participant Dashboard; perhaps feature a welcome video by the trainer and introductory comments by course coaches/assistants. MYcarnegieOS can accommodate standard video, audio, image or other file uploads of 50 MB.

Once your Participant Dashboard contains your initial files, you can send the credentials to the whole class (or those who have not yet received access) and include directions on how to access the Participant Dashboard from their personal Engagement eWindow.


3.   Present the Participant Dashboard to your class members

If you are doing an orientation or kick off, with guests…. THIS is a chance to WOW them by revealing this blended learning component-and make them WANT to say yes, count me in! You may want to create a standard series of screen shots in PowerPoint or Keynote, to illustrate what people can expect while logging in, posting, and what they’ll see throughout the program. Always include information on where to get help if they need it.


Step 3: TIPS to ‘Hit the ground running’ using the Participant Dashboard