Reporting and Admin

Running License Fee Reports

What is required for LF Reports? The information that is typically required for LF reports: Basic Program Details Participant Registrations (for public classes, the participant enrolments make up the balance owing) Payments/Collections Other Alternate Revenue Using OS You can run your LF Reports in OS, from the Financial Dashboard Using CB You can choose to continue using […]

Programs and Schedules

Manage your Programs and Schedules from the Programs menu item, found below the Program Dashboard. All Program details, including Program type, location, session information, price, participants, attendance, awards, makeups and guests are all accessible from the Program’s extensive portfolio.  NEW Projected Registrations: Set this value so your Program Status report will calculate the projected collections for the […]

Program Dashboard

The Program Dashboard is where you go to get a snapshot of your current Programs and Enrollments to date, by Product and by Sales Representative.  Below are some charts you may find on that dashboard… Upcoming Program Status A widget that gives you a list of Forming and Scheduled Programs with the following key information […]

Program Reports

The following reports, and more, are readily available from Program or Financial Dashboard: Enrollment Report A list of new registrations, including Company and Supervisor details, based on Program, Area, Sales Rep Date Range. Note: This report can be used to import Participant information into CB. Program Roster A sheet that provides all the Program details, […]

Print Nametags

You can export your complete Participant list, including Coaching assistants, Guests short term Makeups in order to generate your Name Tags for a class. Export Names from OS 1. Go to Programs, and select the program you would like to work with 2. Click on the Attendance and Awards tab 3. Click Print Nametags 4. […]

Product Setup

In order to setup your Programs, you will need to define your company Products andProduct Groups. Manage Products Products can be managed at the Admin Panel, by clicking on Products. You will notice your Products will be categorized by Product Group Example of Product Group: DCC, Leadership, Presentations, etc. Expanding a Product Group will give […]

Class Graduation Roster

The Graduation Roster is your Class Roster once your class has been officially graduated. In addition to the standard Roster information, the Graduation Roster will have: Class Graduation Percentage Graduation status for each Participant To generate your Graduation Roster, open your graduated program and click Print Roster

Graduate a Class

When a class has completed their final session and Attendance has been confirmed, you are ready to officially graduate a class! Graduate a Class Open your Program to graduate, and go to the Attendance and Awards Tab 1. Review the class attendance to make sure it’s correct. Scroll down to below the Attendance table and […]