Looking for a way to immediately create value for new clients?   Introducing the engagement eWindow!

Blended learning is a leading practice in Learning & Development –MYcarnegieOS’s eWindow gives you a cutting edge entry point. Our clients are busier than ever, and have come to expect multiple points of contact from their providers to make it easy for them to access information such as assignments and collaborative session feedback.

The individual Client dashboard on the eWindow provides a secure location through which you both communicate privately with your client, and park resources so you personalize their coaching, make it easy for them to retrieve those resources and post back to you.

There are some participants who need to be nurtured differently, and mass emails are just not doing it.  Sharing large, multiple files across email is also becoming difficult due to bandwidth restrictions. And who among us hasn’t said…”now WHERE did I store that email?”.

The individual Client dashboard is the perfect solution for that client needing just a little bit more personalization, before, during or after their public programs, or separately as a coaching client.

Clients who have enrolled in a Program also have access to the Participant dashboard through their eWindow. This portal is a shared environment for all participants, coaches and instructors of the class, facilitating discussion, information sharing and coaching opportunities outside of the classroom.

Dale Carnegie’s 2012 survey on employee engagement has reinforced how important engagement is to productivity & retention. The Participant aspect of the eWindow is not just a replacement for session summary emails and assignments. Research tells us how effective collaborative learning is. We know our participants learn not just from trainers but also from other participants, and the Participant dashboard leverages that for greater involvement in the learning process.

Get started:

Step 1: Setting Up a Client eWindow

Step 2: Introducing Your Participants to the Participant Dashboard

Step 3: ‘Hit the ground running’ using the Participant Dashboard

Step 4: Coaching Opportunities with eWindow