Managing your contacts and customer relationships has never been easier with our Address Book! Store the information that’s important to you with up to 1,000 user-defined fields, including photos, so you never forget a detail or a face. Create lists to categorize people and organizations in ways that are important to you. Track sales, correspondence, to dos and campaigns for individual clients so you never lose an email and all your important client details are at your fingertips. If you do forget someone, just use the advanced search function to find them again!

In addition to the standard contact Profile fields, every profile has its own Resource Library for storing relevant documents, like meeting minutes or voice recordings. Each client is also automatically setup with a personal eWindow so you can share information regarding their account and keep communication ongoing and personal.

Import your contacts with the Contact Import Wizard. Save your exported contacts from email or another address book as an Excel, CSV or vCard file and just follow the instructions to add them to your contact portfolio. To make the process even easier you can assign your imported contacts to existing lists and account managers.

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Create custom lists to manage your contacts so that no one gets lost. From leads to active clients, from suppliers to essential networking resources, keep all your contacts in one place, but easily organized in your Address Book.

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Define the custom fields that are important for your organization’s needs. Would you like your salespeople to know your client’s business background, or favourite beverage? You can include that in their profile, since you decide what information your business can benefit from.

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Track your relationships using the Communication tab so everyone gets the attention they deserve!

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Build relationships by providing each client with their own eWindow, their individual portal to your company and their account manager. Keep interactions active and tailor news and communications to them, with an easy contact interface that lets them send messages and attachments directly to their account manager’s inbox.

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Save documents, photos, any pertinent files in each contact’s Resource Library to help develop client relationships and build your business.

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Email important notes directly from the field, using your client’s unique Notes Email Address. Each contact has a unique address so you can easily add information and attachments to their file while in the field. Save the address to your mobile device’s address book and send notes to their file from anywhere. Attachments up to 25 mg will be added to the client Resource Library so you never lose an important client update again.

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